Weekly Dinner

Chronos eats together every Monday before the debates. These dinners foster a real community spirit within our association, they are fun and most importantly delicious! We cater to different dietary restrictions, so it is no problem if you have allergies, are vegetarian or eat halal. You are welcome to join us in the Common Room (on the ground level of MetaForum) at 17:15. Note that signing up in advance is required, find ways to get in touch with us at the bottom of this page. Please sign up before 12:00 if you want to eat dinner on that day.

The fifth board


We aim to build upon existing foundations to grow Chronos as a welcoming community, improve the quality of our speeches and debates, and inspire a new generation of student debaters to represent Eindhoven across the Netherlands.

Simul Perseveramus

Members of honor

Arjun Tyagi

For extraordinary efforts in getting Chronos to bartend in Hubble,
giving workshops and representing Chronos in the University's Student Council.

Member of Honor since the 8th General Assembly
which was held on the 20th of November 2019

Leon Kersten

For his outstanding commitment to Chronos as a board member
and for his mastery of the art of debating. And the cheap dinners.

Member of Honor since the 10th General Assembly
which was held on the 2nd of December 2020

Alessandro Sona

For key contributions to the Normae Domus, writing the Chronos equity and privacy policies,
and proudly representing Chronos in tournaments from Maastricht to Moscow.

Member of Honor since the 10th General Assembly
which was held on the 2nd of December 2020

Anne van Gils

For outstanding contributions in writing the equity policy, phenomenal efforts in creating
the tournament sponsorship system, and always speaking her mind whether in or outside GAs.

Member of Honor since the 11th General Assembly
which was held on the 19th of May 2021

Bastiaan van Hoorn

For prolonged commitment to Chronos and its operation in Boardsand Committees,
as well as the organisation of Eindhoven Open and liaisons.

Member of Honor since the 11th General Assembly
which was held on the 19th of May 2021

All boards

Year Chair
Internal Affairs
Magister Officiorum
External Affairs
Public Relations Zeus
2021 /2022 Daniel Riechmann Mendez Ema Dumitriu Guyberli van Thuijl
2020 /2021 Martin Sell Jasmin Kamenova Gatcheva Floyd Heitzer
2019 /2020 Lourens Touwen Tico Martinovic Tristan Trouwen Christopher Bloemers Bastiaan van Hoorn
2018 /2019 Manisha Sethia Bastiaan van Hoorn Iñaki Martín Soroa Leon Kersten Ayda Frings Kai Groenhof
2017 /2018 Roland Walles Simon Frijns Anne van Gils Arjun Tyagi Leon Kersten
2016 /2017 Michael Stolk Noël Coenraad Wayan Traversaat Avinash Nayak Geert Vergoossen Hugo Bezombes Roland Walles


We have several different committees in order to organize everything in the association. If you want to be part of one of then, approach any of the board members. Due to privacy reasons, the members of committees are only listed in the members area.

The list of current committees is:

  • Cooking Committee
    • Takes care of cooking every week for our members before the debate.
  • Workshop Committee
    • Organizes workshops for external parties.
  • Bartending Committee
    • Gets the beers flowing in Hubble Community Café.
  • Eindhoven Open Committee
    • Organizes and runs our debating tournament: Eindhoven Open.
  • Training Committee
    • Organizes trainings for our members.
  • Lunch Lecture Committee
    • Takes care of promoting and organizing lunch lectures done by Chronos members.
  • Activity Committee
    • Organizes fun activities not related to debating for our members.
  • Intro Committee
    • Handles the intro week, gathering many new members.
  • ICT Committee
    • Manages the webpage and other ICT related tasks, except social networks.
  • Financial Control Committee
    • Reviews the work of the previous fiscal year to ensure that everything is correct.


Since 2019

  • Roland Walles
  • Simon Frijns
  • Noël Coenraad
  • Geert Vergoossen

Since 2020

  • Bastiaan van Hoorn
  • Tico Martinović