Become a member

By becoming a member you will be able to participate in all of our debates and all the other activities. Also you will be able to receive financial support for participating in tournaments. You can join any time you want.

After becoming a member you are NOT forced to come to all the weekly debates, we understand that you might have deadlines, other activities, trips, or busy quartiles. We want this association to be a place of learning and leisure, not a place were people feel forced to come.

Free debates

If you are not completely sure if you want to become a member, you can try it for free. We allow people to come to 3 debates before asking them to become members, this 3 debates can be at any time during the year, we accept members all year round.

Membership Fees

In order to become a member there is a small fee that you must pay every year. If you are a exchange student or for any other reason you only want to become a member for half a year, we also give half-year memberships, for half the price. Our fees are a reminder of our founding year.

Look down to see why there are fees.

Erasmus / Exchange students

If you are going to study in Eindhoven for only half a year you can become a member for only half a year.

In this association, you can freely choose to come or not every week. This gives you the flexibility to come when it fits you and you feel like it without pressure, as we make the teams on the spot and we don't need planning in advance.

Also if you participate in some of the tournaments you will have a great opportunity to visit new places, and as any other member you are eligible to receiving financial aid for those tournaments.

Why do we have fees?

Our debates are held in a room booked from the TU/e and we don't need any special equipment, then, why do we have fees?

The fees serve to compensate for some costs related to running the association, such as leaflets, ads, or keeping this website online. But the bulk of our budget is spent in paying part of the registration fees for our members when they go to tournaments and providing lessons from professionals to improve our abilities. If you actively participate in tournaments, you can get more from the association than what you paid!