Our main activity is debating. If you don't know what are we talking about don't worry, it's more fun than you think!

What is debating?


We go to international and national debating tournaments, where we meet with lots of interesting people and have a lot of fun!

Upcoming Tournaments [NDB website]


We consist of students from the different universities in Eindhoven, from bachelors to masters. We are an open-minded and inclusive community willing to have a fun time while learning and debating.

The Association


Chronos is the first debate association in Eindhoven, founded in 2016. We are an open-minded and inclusive community of people who are curious about what is going on around the world.

Weekly Dinner

Due to Corona, our weekly dinners cannot take place in their usual form. Find ways to get in touch with us at the bottom of the page.

The Association

Weekly Debates

Every Monday of the academic year Chronos organizes debates so members can improve their debating skills and prepare for tournaments! Join us on discord from 18:00 till 21:00. You can sign up for the online event here.


Weekly Socials

After Monday debates most of our members enjoy a nice drink and some snacks at Hubble in Luna to discuss the debates and make friends.

Hubble Community Café


Chronos also organizes lunch lectures, tournaments, trainings and social gatherings. All of these are organized by a dedicated committee.

The Association