We debate every Monday at 6pm in Auditorium room 11, at the TU/e campus. We usually have two debates one after another and we finish around 9pm. After that we go for a "borrel" in Hubble, in the La Luna building at the campus.

Why debate?

Debating will be bene cial to your own personal development in many different

  • You will exercise and improve your public speaking skills. The practice of this skills can be helpful in many situations, from doing a presentation, to a job interview or meeting new people.
  • You will learn how to deliver your thoughts in a concise and clear way. This will as well make you far more convincing in all aspects of your life.
  • You will come in contact with others points of view, which will undoubtedly allow you to understand other people far better, improving your empathetic abilities.
  • You will develop your knowledge of what is going in in our world by discussing interesting topics and hearing the opinions of people from all backgrounds.
  • This will of course allow you to exercise your English speaking abilities, making you feel comfortable while speaking.
  • And you will have to work in pairs which will make you develop your team work skills as well.

Debating is not only for aspiring politicians, it can be a fun and constructive activity for any person who has to communicate with other people (so for everyone).

Are you not convinced? Then come and show us how we could have convinced
you, we are all learning and your input is very welcome.