We debate every Monday at 6pm in Auditorium room 11, at the TU/e campus. We usually have two debates one after another and we finish around 9pm. After that we go for a "borrel" in Hubble, in the La Luna building at the campus.

What is debating?

Debating is a fun and challenging activity in which you will use all your intellectual abilities, it's much more similar to a game of chess than a shouting discussion between two drunk people.
In a debate you must express your arguments clearly in well substantiated always and find flaws in the arguments of the opposing side. You will be forced out of your comfort zone and you will have to defend and find arguments in favour of some position with which you might not agree.
In our association you will always be able to participate in the debate (we do as many debates in parallel in different rooms as needed) and we guarantee having always at least one room debating in English. If there are enough people interested in debating in Dutch, there will also be a Dutch speaking debate.

"A debate is a regulated public speaking clash between educated people, who use strategy, content and manner in order to support their case. Logic, persuasion, wittiness, respect and knowledge are the major key components that will be cultivated and put to test, disregarding your own views and beliefs on anymatter."

-TUDelft Debating Club