We debate every Monday at 6pm in Auditorium room 11, at the TU/e campus. We usually have two debates one after another and we finish around 9pm. After that we go for a "borrel" in Hubble, in the La Luna building at the campus.

Debating material

Scottish EUDC
A training website covering most of the topics in debating.

Debate training guide

A starters guide

Thank you for arguing-Jay Heinrichs

A book about the art of creating arguments

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Is empty and waiting for a suggstion


Not specifically about debating

Guns, germs and steel-Jared Diamond

History and antrhopology, Pulitzer Prize

The dictator's handbook-Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Alastair Smith

The nature of politics

The logic of scientific discovery-Karl Popper

Philosophy, epistemology.

Beyond good and evil-Friedrich Nietzsche

History of philosophy

The God delusion-Richard Dawkins

A critique of religion

The Bible-Anonymous

The most printed book in history, very influential in western societies