Debating is a competitive activity, therefore there are many national and international debates for people with all kinds of different levels of experience. In this tournaments you compete against teams from other associations and then have beers together.

Its a great opportunity to further improve your skills and have a lot of fun while doing so. As the tournaments are not for free, the association will give fi nancial support (under certain conditions, ask any board member).

Upcoming tournaments

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Previous tournaments

Budapest Open 2018: 13 members went there and one of the novice teams (Manisha & Iñaki) managed to qualify for the quarter finals, getting as well the 2nd (Manisha) and 3rd (Iñaki) best novice speaker awards.

Vienna IV 2018: We had fun.

Lund IV 2017: We had fun.

Liverpool IV 2017: We had fun.

Maastricht Open 2018: Robin and Lian were the 2nd best novice team.

Maastricht Novice Tournament 2017: Many of our members attended it and had fun.

Maastricht Open 2017: Manisha and Alessandro were the best novice team.

Tilburg Open 2017: We had fun.