We have several different committees in order to organise everything in the association. If you want to be part of one of then, approach any of the board members. If you want to see who is in each committee, check the Members'Area (from the Home page). The list of current committees is:

  • Cooking committee: Takes care of cooking every week for our members before the debate.
  • Workshop committee: Organizes workshops for external parties.
  • Training committee: Organizes trainings for our members.
  • Lunch Lecture committee: Takes care of promoting and organizing lunch lectures done by Chronos members.
  • Activity committee: Organizes fun activities not related to debating for our members.
  • Intro committee: Handles the intro week, gathering many new members.
  • ICT Committee: Manages the webpage and other ICT related tasks, except social networks.
  • Eindhoven City committee: Organizes the Eindhoven City tournament.
  • Financial Control committee: Reviews the work of the previous fiscal year to ensure that everything is correct.