"Yum, yum, yum, mmmmm... That was delicious!!"

-Everyone, always.


Many of our members join for dinner before the debate where our cooking committee makes sure that everyone is well fed. These dinners are usually very affordable, filling, sociable, varied and most importantly very delicious!

This is our most attended weekly activity.


After the debates we go to have a drink to the bar where we can get to know each other and talk freely. There is nothing better to relax after a tough Monday than a few beers!


Every week we have dinners together before the debate, see the Community tab. To give you an idea of what we cook and eat as an association, here are some previously served dishes. (Note: All non-vegetarian dishes have a vegetarian equitant and we comply with dietary restrictions of individuals if known beforehand.)

Risotto alle fragole is an Italian dish translating to risotto with strawberries. It is sweet and as the name says full with strawberries. It is perfect for those wanting to fill their empty stomach before the debate and a very vegetarian friendly dish.

Eggplant, mushrooms and minced meat
Unlike the name of this dish, the taste is very complex with both sweet and salty flavors and with spiciness according to one’s taste. The dish is composed of lots of rice as base, with a topping of cooked eggplant, oyster mushrooms, and minced meat (halal version), combined with lots of kejap manis and sambal for those who wish.

Dhal curry with Dutch Twist
Although the Dhal we made did not have the nice yellow color that normal Dhal has, the taste was still good. The curry was made from lentils as a basis, but on top of this, ingredients such as tomatoes or bell peppers were added. Finally some chili was used to spice up the dish. Perfect for a warm day where you want to sweat more to reduce body temperature.

Spaghetti Carbonara The good ol’ familiar spaghetti. But unlike many Dutch student variants, the one eaten in Chronos uses, according to an Italian member of ours, the proper cheese for this dish. This combined with the eggs creates a great flavor that you do not want to miss.

Other activities

We do other activities from time to time, for example, celebrating the birthday of the association or going karting. Feel free to suggest anything, the activities committee will we happy to help with the organization!